Composer for Film & Television

“I couldn’t have dreamt of better music to be the backdrop to this already moving series. Thank you, it is gorgeous! Literally zero comments from me - nailed it. Thanks again.”


Sera Baker, 2020

“Will is a joy to work with.  I’d never commissioned a composer before and he made it so easy. The theme music for our Tea & Medals podcast is just brilliant and takes the production to another level entirely.”


Josella Waldron, 2021

“We just listened through the music and it's absolutely incredible. We love everything about it!”


 Yani Balimezov & Kalina Yordanova, 2020

“Will Farmer is a joy to work with and a true professional. Creative, clever, bang on the brief, bang on schedule, bang on budget. I’d recommend Will in a heartbeat for any original music needed for any project, especially if you want it to sound a few notches above the rest.”


Paul Kerensa, 2020

“Will was an absolute pleasure to work with; he was professional, punctual, and his collaborative work style was essential to the success of our project. He was incredibly communicative and receptive to feedback; his creative voice shone through in such a huge way that tied our project together beautifully, we couldn't have gone with a better composer/sound designer! Would absolutely work with him again on future projects.”


Anna Harestad, 2021


“It was a total pleasure to work with Will on The Power of Adventure. Throughout the project Will’s approach was professional, nuanced, and flexible. He took changes to the brief in his stride, and created a soundtrack that is perfectly suited to the podcast - and has been praised by client, guests and listeners alike. I would recommend Will to other podcast or radio producers without hesitation.”


Oli Seymour, 2020