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Will Farmer


"I couldn’t have dreamt of better music to be the backdrop to this already moving series. Thank you, it is gorgeous!"
Sera Baker, Producer
Golden Moments [30s] (Orchestra)Will Farmer
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Do Us Part (1m02 - Jazz Sax Cue)Will Farmer
00:00 / 01:12
The Promise of Today [60s] (Piano & Strings)Will Farmer
00:00 / 01:04

Will is a composer, orchestrator and music editor specialising in bespoke music for film and television. Combining classical training with a love of jazz, Will composes for various projects alongside collaborating in music department roles. Previous projects range from cinema through to Coachella.

Credits include feature films (A Gaza WeekendThe Matrix), television (Staged, Pop Paper City), national radio (Magic Radio, Greatest Hits Radio), podcasts (Audible, BFBS), and various indie shorts. He can also be found performing jazz piano at his residencies in London and Surrey.

Will studied composition at Royal Holloway and the University of Bristol - after graduating with the prize for best submitted dissertation, he now contributes to musicology conferences, journals, books, and is completing a PhD in ludomusicology.

Days I Remember [60s] (Orchestra)Will Farmer
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Uneasy Future [60s] (Orchestra)Will Farmer
00:00 / 01:04
To Distant Lands [60s] (Synth-Hybrid)Will Farmer
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Bespoke music for film, television, and audio projects.

Supporting stories with music.


Working from manuscript or DAW sessions; orchestration services for small groups through to full orchestras.


Copying, engraving, and printing services for film, television, and live sessions. 


Contributions to ludomusicology and film musicology with a focus on franchise studies and virtual reality.

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Selected Radio & Podcast Credits

The F Word   

-  Magic Radio (21-Part Series)

Producer. Sera Baker (TBI Media), 2020

Piano performed by Harry George

Essential Voices 

-  Magic Radio (42-Part Series)

Producer. Sera Baker (TBI Media), 2020

Studio assistance by Lydia Augousti

If Walls Could Talk 

-  Greatest Hits Network (8-Part Series)

Producer. Sera Baker (TBI Media), 2021

Guitar performed by Harry George

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Selected Film & TV Credits


Previous music syncs include:

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