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Forthcoming Projects

Forthcoming Children's Animation Series [2022, Music Dept.]

Forthcoming Feature Film [2022, Additional Music]

Forthcoming Feature Film [2022, Music Assistant]

Forthcoming Documentary [2021, Composer]

Forthcoming Multi-Part Short Film Series [2021, Composer]


Film, Television & Games

The Mating Game [2021, BBC, Assistant to the Copyist]

The Matrix: Resurrections  [2021, Assistant to the Copyists]

Fever Pitch: Rise of the Premier League [2021, BBC, Music Assistant] 

Cantastoria (Short) [2021, Composer & Sound Design]

Ava (Short) [2021, Composer & Sound Design]

Gaming Indoors (YouTube Channel) [2021, Co-Composer]

Don't touch the stone! (Short) [2020, Composer]

Crazy Cook-Off (Video Game) [2021, Co-Composer]

4 Weeks (Nature Documentary) [2020, Composer]

Lockdown Love (Short Film) [2020, Composer]

Ava Teaser (Trailer) [2020, Composer & Sound Design]

Naumachia (Video Game) [2020, Composer]

Tank Brawl (Video Game) [2020, Co-Composer]

Library Music [2019-Present, Composer]


Radio & Podcasts

Little Troopers: Squad [2021, Composer]

Relay: The Team GB Podcast [2021, Composer]

Tea & Medals (BFBS Radio Podcast) [2021, Composer]

If Walls Could Talk (8 Part Radio Documentary) [2021, Composer]

The Animation Industry Podcast [2021, Composer]

The F Word (21 Part Magic Radio Series) [2020, Composer]

Essential Voices (42 Part Magic Radio Series) [2020, Composer]

British Broadcasting Century (Podcast) [2020, Composer]

The Power of Adventure (Podcast) [2020, Composer]

Sleeping with David Baddiel (Audible) [2020, Composer]

What the Falalala? (Audible) [2020, Composer]

Think like a Spy (Audible) [2019, Composer]

Crush it like Cleopatra (Audible) [2019, Composer]